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Elemental analysis is an interesting field, and while certainly not everyone is cut out to spend hours upon hours with microscopes and complex analytical equipment, we are all affected by the more profound understandings of our surrounding world which elemental analysis presents. Without such pursuits, the relationships between different organic and inorganic materials around us would be unclear, many environmental health risks would remain mysteries, and our daily understanding of how things around us interact and relate would be severely impaired. Just image mercury in your drinking water...

Element One Labs is a small, privately owned and operated laboratory which specializes in the analysis of inorganic materials to better understand their context in and effects on their well as their potentials for use elsewhere. Woman-owned and independently held, Element One has been providing a spectrum of analytical services for a decade. Using modern techniques and equipment, Element One holds a plethora of certificates to analyze municipal water (both waste and drinking), air content, soil composition, and much more. High-tech equipment and more than a quarter century of experience in professional inorganic analysis guarantees accurate, timely results, and a professional staff of highly-trained experts guarantees that your samples are in good hands.

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