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When "Could Be Better" Uniforms Simply Won't Do.

Picture this:

You're driving along in your squad car on routine patrol, fighting crime, wearing sunglasses, helping elderly women across the street, and writing tickets for the betterment of humanity, when all of a sudden...BOOM. Speed bump. After you gather your thoughts and reposition your sunglasses you realize...what happened to that hot cup of coffee you were carrying? You look in your's gone. You look at your partner, but he's such a professional that his face betrays no emotion. Your legs are starting to feel warm, and your, so very soggy. Then it hits you: this high-class, high-ranking pillar of public service is going through the rest of his day's routine with a large, brown stain streaming down his knees. The shame of it all sets in, and as you slap yourself on the forehead you can't help but exclaim: "If only I had gotten those Vertx Phantom LT sweat-wicking, stain-resistant slacks for the professional athlete from Best Uniform when I had the chance!" Your sorrow is overwhelming.


Best Uniforms is a supplier of exceptional-quality uniforms and accessories for active duty professionals, and by setting the bar high with their company name they're guaranteed to achieve only in selecting premium products to sell and distribute. With five locations across North Carolina and Virginia, it's hard to find anything inconvenient about Best Uniforms' availability and products...and by teaming up with BlueTone Media, Best Uniforms has made sure their products and services are available to the rest of the world as well.

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