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The Meat People?

Huh. Let's be honest for a second. When I hear "The Meat People", I think of a bad movie from the fifties - I can hear canned horror screams, and I imagine a bacon-wrapped C-list actor contrivedly shuffling towards would-be starlets, frozen in place with what could pass as "fear". Cheesy violin music would be everywhere, and I can almost guarantee you The Meat People would communicate with each other through a series of grunts and gestures, or by groaning "Meaaaaaat!" as they blunder towards their victims. But hey, at least the taglines would probably be amazing:

  • The Meat People: coming to a dollar theater near you.
  • The Meat People: Your Rump is Roast.
  • This summer, beat the heat. Meet The Meat……………………..People.
  • This is the church, and this is the steeple. Open it up, and BEWARE OF MEAT PEOPLE.

And while the idea of a bad actor draped in flank steaks sounds worth watching at least once, I'm happy to report that The Meat People never has been a movie, and hopefully never will be.

The Meat People, in fact, are the good people of Hills Supermarket, a local chain of stores which provides a fantastic variety of goods with a local personality unlike regular supermarkets. As can be gleaned from their motto, Hill's Supermarket places particular pride in their butcher expertise, and rightfully so. Fresh, local meats and a variety of options keep even the pickiest customers happy, and a full suite of Our Family brand products provides household necessities on a family budget.

So please, do NOT beware The Meat People, unless you're afraid of pleasant shopping experiences and saving money. Check out their new site here.

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