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BlueTone Media Chrome Extension

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I know what you're thinking right now.  

Let's face it. You probably spend at least a few minutes a day wishing my sassy, nearly nonsensical blog posts were nearby enough to access with the click of a single button. And let's not mince words here friend: a bookmark is just not enough. What if you want to stay on your current page while previewing the most recent BlueTone Media blog posts? What if you need to know the coolest features of our newest clients' websites NOW? What if you need to learn about affordable, 100% custom web design and you have no time to spare? What if you're bored on your lunch break and we're not already at the top of your news feed?! Fear not, little ones, for the day of the extension is at hand.

The new BlueTone Media extension for Google Chrome allows Chrome users to preview our most recent blog posts directly from their browser. Installation takes seconds, the extension itself is tiny and consumes almost no computer resources, and the result? Me, all up in your face, all the time. Think of the possibiliies! It's almost like we're soulmates.

OK, sorry, I'm just a little excited. As an ever-expanding company, we at BlueTone Media encourage ourselves to study and learn new skills, all the while honing and sharpening our current skill sets. This ensures that our clients receive solid, high-quality work with some cutting edge flair thrown in for good measure. Speaking of which, if you don't have Google Chrome, you should likely look into it. This lightweight, self-updating browser is efficient and faster than any other mainstream browser. For more information and to download Chrome, click here. Once you have Chrome up and running, make sure to download the official BlueTone Media Chrome Extension, the best in-browser source for BTM news and the best way to make sure you're never totally alone in cyberspace. Just consider it your little blue friend.

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