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Happy Holidays from BlueTone Media!

  BlueTone Media

Because Candy and Presents are Awesome. 

That's right! It's everyone's favorite time of year again...that wonderful time when the streets run red with shopping, people battle to the death in Wal*Mart for the latest Tickle Me Elmo (or whatever people like these days), and your email inbox fills up with generic tidings of joy from any and every company with which you've ever done business. I know you've waited for this moment all year. I can just imagine you reading this very message with the exalted, trembling joy usually reserved for young children on Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/Flying-Spaghetti-Monster-Womb-Emergence morning, and I'm going to do my best not to disappoint.

It's been a great year for BlueTone Media. Economic recessions, political instability, earthquakes, hurricanes, and even that awful construction on 3rd street haven't been able to keep us from growing. With determination and an openness to the wild future of the web industry, BlueTone Media has expanded its staff and its resources significantly, and in the process has earned a competitive advantage within the Wilmington, NC web design market. Two new full-time employees and some improved technologies have allowed us to expand operations, serve more clients than ever before, and more intensively address your site's needs and concerns.

"Improved technologies? Competitive Advantage? Stop being so vague. What do you even mean?"

Oh shush, I'm getting to that right now.

BlueTone Media Provides:

  • Load Balancing. Multiple dedicated servers for each and every client we have. Many companies offer this as a premium feature - not BlueTone Media. Our load balancing setup means that, even if one server goes down, your website won't flinch. In turn, this guarantees a 99.9% uptime rate which is on par with national standards for hosting providers. Whether you set up a quick one-page advertisement page or a 1000+ page behemoth, BlueTone Media's load balancing will let you rest assured your site is hosted and live for keeps.
  • Awesome Customer Support. Because talking to robots on the phone gets really depressing after a while. You know it's true, and you know it's incredibly difficult to make a corporate phone call these days without speaking to, essentially, a Speak & Spell. Luckily, BlueTone Media is full of real people that will give you real answers in real time...anytime. Just give us a call at 888.BLU.TONE about anything at all, but be prepared to be overwhelmed with answers and friendliness.
  • Serious Results. Unless you're a comedian. Then you get serious, silly results. Our marketing, SEO, and design strategists are ready to make your visions come to life and look beautiful doing it. Watch the miracle of website birth (it's much cleaner and easier to watch than the miracle of regular human birth), and help craft the site of your dreams. Our back and front end developers are up to any challenge you can provide, and our framework is constantly expanding and changing to accommodate the needs of our bring it on.
  • Community Involvement. You can't just ignore your neighbors. That's why BlueTone Media, as a member of the local community, focuses heavily on local projects and organizations. We've worked with locally-based non-profits such as Mother Hubbard's Cupboard, Smart Start, and Nourish NC, and we consider bringing local businesses into the 21st century market one of our biggest modi operandi. By doing our part to help keep our business and cash flow local, BlueTone Media helps to support the local economoy and will continue to do so.

We're here to stay and we're ready to provide as much service and help as possible, so don't be afraid to ask us anything.

BlueTone Media wants to remind you not to stress out too much during the holiday season: presents, traveling, family and friends are awesome, but they're not worth your mental health. Step back, relax, and enjoy a nice glass of egg nog (or your holiday beverage of choice). This is a season for showing kindness and appreciation to those around you, and for touching roots with what you find to be truly important.

From everyone here at BlueTone Media, we wish you a wonderful and rewarding holiday season. We hope all is well and we're incredibly thankful for the people and organizations in our life which allow us to do what we love.

Happy Holidays,
Bluetone Media

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