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Wanted: Plumber/Golf Buddy/Dinner Date/Adventure Trainer

Friendlier and easier on the ol' eyes than Craigslist, STJConnect has a space for posting everything I need to hire a plumber, buy a bike to enter the Bridge-to-Bridge Sprint Triathlon in June and finally plan to have that vase of Great Aunt Marjorie's appraised at the upcoming Antique Appraisal Festival. Which reminds me, I really need to post an announcement about the Triathlon Training Club I'll be starting. Maybe if I'm lucky, I can find a plumber who will buy the bike FOR me and then help me train for the Triathlon. Luckily there's a space on there for that, too. Later, maybe I'll settle down and look for some real estate on STJConnect over dinner at one of the listed local restaurants.

Focused on the St. James Plantation community and surrounding areas, STJConnect shares events, want ads, real estate listings, lost and found, and more. Need someone to repair boats, balance accounts, or do landscaping? Post an ad in "Services Needed"! Or, you say that you can do all three and want to share your talents with the community? Even better! Just post your amazing skills to "Services" instead! Meet your neighbors, find a new hobby, go to a cultural event, and find a new favorite eatery all in one place, in a matter of minutes. Buy a house, grow old, and retire to a wold of golf, bliss, and recreational antiquing. Don't miss this connection - at

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