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Visit Leland, NC

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Leland, N.C. – The Biggest Little City suburb of a Different, Slightly Bigger Little City

Located in the wonderful climate of the Coastal Southeastern U.S., Leland has a lot to offer, since it is situated rather closely to a lot of other interesting places. Without the chance of accidentally encountering such things as a raucous night life or overfilled parking garages, one is free to dabble in the slightly-larger-town lifestyle of fine dining and shopping offered by day trips to nearby Wilmington or Myrtle Beach while knowing that the safety of retreating back to Leland waits at the end of the day, guaranteeing a quiet night's rest. Or perhaps the sand and surf better interest you? Take a short drive to one of the area’s not-too-distant beaches in Brunswick County. Track back only the sand of the day without worrying about staying anywhere long enough to catch crabs. That is, unless you’d like to… The area offers multiple locations for excellent fishing, crabbing and kayaking, whether in rivers and marshes located not entirely too far from Leland, or in a chartered offshore trip into the Atlantic. So, go stay in Leland and take a bunch of day trips to see all of the wonderful, other surrounding areas. There’s bound to be something for everyone - start planning your vacation at

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