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Why Hiring a Legitimate Cleaning Service is Better than Magical (But Extremely Creepy) House-Elves

Having been unusually busy as of late, I've found myself pondering the house-elves of Harry Potter fame. There are very few things to dislike about someone that magically cleans your house and then disappears again. Thankfully, with a properly hired cleaning service, you don't have to worry about the downsides of a house-elf: having a creepy little elf with gigantic googly eyes and scraggly hair running around your house in little more than a ragged loincloth, hiding under couches and cabinets, appearing and disappearing in a flash and potentially giving someone a heart attack. Instead, things are considerably more predictable and cleaning can be scheduled to take place at your convenience.

As far as house cleaning goes, I personally prefer it that way. Convenient and predictable. Don't get me wrong – just because you know it's happening doesn't make it any less magical. Think about your busy schedule - work, errands, gym, friends…. Maybe throw a couple of kids in the mix and add in all of their extra errands and activities. Who wants to spend their tiny amount of personal time left over at the end of the day cleaning the house? So imagine coming home from work and the whole place is spotless and sparkling and you never had to lift a finger. Well, except for the one you used to dial the telephone or fill out the convenient online contact form at Magic!

Maria's Cleaning Service is a fully bonded and insured maid service in the Wilmington area available for everything from a one-time "Please Get My House Clean for my Mother-In-Law's 60th Birthday Party" to a fully-scheduled weekly occurrence customizable to your needs. Each employee is also fully trained and background-checked, which is also more than I would be able to say about any weird house-elf. So give yourself a break and let someone else do the dirty work. Face it, man. House elves are just plain creepy. Give Maria's Housekeeping" a shout and have more time for yourself.

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