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If a Dog is "Man's Best Friend", what does that say about Cats?

Second best? Not even in the running? I don't think it means people really love them any less, but it's true that they aren't exactly best friend material. They're not very dependable, seem to have a hard time reading emotion, and will most certainly never pay you back for all those times you bought dinner.

You know, now that I'm thinking about it.... my dog's never paid me back for all the times I've bought her dinner, either. Best friend? Hmph. Why don't you buy me dinner for a change, huh? How about all those times you've forgotten my birthday? Right. Exactly, "Best Friend." Great job. I'm not even going to get into all the times I've let you slide on rent, because you don't seem to be very employable......But it's okay. You're snuggly and wonderful and I love you anyway.

Right. Where was I?

Regardless of ability to remember birthdays or current debts held, your animal friends love you but have a hard time talking about their problems or what's bothering them, whether it's current political conditions in Cairo or arthritic hips. That's why it's nice to have a friendly and knowledgeable veterinarian in your neighborhood to translate the important things. Luckily, the folks over at Ludwig's Corner Veterinary Hospital have two locations (the other being Coventry Animal Hospital) and also do house calls to take care of your pets' health needs. Those are, after all, the important things to have communicated. You may find discussing politics with a dog entertaining, but no one ever leaves feeling satisfied or enlightened.

Ludwigs Corner Vet has a lot of useful information available in general, even if your pet is not a patient. Links to many informative articles and tips on pet care, along with videos, explain everything from how to give pills to a cat (keep lots of Band-Aids on hand, I'd imagine) to properly trimming a dog's toenails. There's also a video with a lot of weird x-rays showing things that vets have recovered from pets' stomachs…. Like a 7" steak knife. I know, I know… it tasted like steak. But really?

So, if you're a pet owner in Southeastern Pennsylvania, go visit the folks over at either Ludwigs Corner Vet or Coventry Animal Hospital to get some care. If you're anywhere else, you should still look them up, since they have a lot of really useful information available for free on their websites, at and

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