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Espetus Brazilian Steakhouse is Now Open

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In other news: my stomach is full of meat and joy. 

That's right folks - Espetus Brazilian Steakhouse, the newest and most delicious restaurant Wilmington has seen in quite a while, is open and ready to fill you with all sorts of savory delights. I had the privilege of visiting Espetus as part of a test run this last Friday, April 6, the evening before Espetus opened to the public, and I can officially tell you: this place is delicious.

What Can You Expect At Espetus?

  1. A huge salad bar with smoked salmon, gourmet cheese, fresh greens, and more
  2. Delicious cocktails, made by expert mixologists
  3. Mountains of delicious meat. Like, wayyyy more than you can handle.

My date and I had round after round of succulent meat slices - from chicken to pork to beef to...pineapple*. It was all excellent, though we agreed that the bacon-wrapped filet is particularly juicy and delicious. It's hard not to be juicy and delicious when you're wrapped in bacon you know.

Honestly, I meant to take pictures and blog about the experience while I was there, but the food and overall experience was so good that my smartphone stayed neglected in my pocket for the entire meal. That's right...this restaurant is more enticing and entertaining than the sweet, sweet shots of dopamine which a smartphone provides. If you've ever met an iPhone addict, you know how serious that is, so other Wilmington restaurants take note: you have some fresh competition breathing down your neck, and that breath on your neck smells a lot like meat. Click here to view the Espetus website and find all the information you could need on this fantastic new restaurant.

*May or may not actually be a meat.

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