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Air Station Storage

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Hahahaha! Oh, wow. Ha! This is fun. But really, how do you get superglue off? 

That's what I love about you honey! It's so easy to make light of a bad situation with you. It's not like we're ignoring our problems or belittling the gravity of the situation - it's just that, honestly, what else can you do? When life throws you lemons, make lemonade...and laugh about it! But really, where's that kid of ours?

He was here a minute ago. Remember? "Let me show you a magic trick! You gotta stand back to back." Lord, what a little actor. And how he got that much superglue on our backs without us noticing is beyond me! Our little boy is so talented! I swear he's going to grow up to the be the next Houdini. I wonder if he has any acetone in his bag of tricks, that could probably get us unstuck right now.

I know honey, this is probably just his way of protesting our big move...his sense of humor must run in the family. Why he did it on the day we're moving is a little beyond me, but you know kids! They're unpredictable! Anyway, there's not much we can do about it now. Think of it like a three legged race, except instead of playing in a field you have to carry heavy boxes all day and break your great-grandmother's antique china plates because we're glued together and have to walk sideways everywhere and my legs hurt andwecan'tevenusethebathroomproperlyAND WHERE IS THAT CHILD I SWEAR I'M GOING TO TEAR HIS HEAD OFF AND SHOVE I--

Whew, sorry. Got carried away for a second there babe...thanks for keeping me in perspective. I mean, think about it - the convenient climate controlled storage at Air Station Storage will keep our belongings safe for months while we move, find our dream home, settle in, and send our child to boarding school for the rest of his natural life. Doesn't that sound great? No more glue, no more back pain, no more harassment...oh no. Here he comes. With water balloons.

At least Air Station Storage will be a breeze. Come on, let's crab-walk these boxes to the car before he strikes.

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