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UNCW Wagoner Dining Hall

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Bag Dining? Wag Dining!

Remember eating in the school cafeteria in grade school? Pizza in plastic bags, french fries that were more grease than potato, and chocolate chip cookies for days? Well, now you're a big kid! You're in college! It's no longer a cafeteria, it's a dining hall! It's fancy! It's healthy! It's Wagoner!

When you're on a break from classes, instead of walking into that distant memory of childhood resentment in the shape of a middle school cafeteria, you walk into UNCW's very own campus dining experience. Wagoner Dining Hall offers comfort along with an ever-changing menu full of healthy assortments! 

Like eating animals? Check out the deli or the grill! Like eating animal's food instead? Check out the Italian Kitchen and have a salad! Need a food-hug? Go straight to the Comfort Station! Do not pass go! Do not collect $200! Wagoner Dining Hall-- serving a variety of foods for that curious stomach, those picky taste buds and that sensitive mind of yours!

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