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Cape Fear Hurricane Fabric

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Protect Yourself From Hurricanes with Cape Fear Hurricane Fabric

Hurricane Sandy landed this week, to devastating effect. At least 56 people lost their lives, countless homes are lost, and millions of people are without power. Here on the coast of NC we know how much damage severe weather can cause. Cape Fear Hurricane Fabric specializes in protecting homes from winds up to Category 5. Their unique AstroGuard and AstroFlex products can protect against wind, water, and debris; and can be deployed over windows, doors, porches, garages, and other openings. Both products are 100% UV resistant and block 100% of wind & rain. The products also come with a 10-year warranty, so the quality is guaranteed to last! For a great alternative to unsightly metal storm covers or other bulky hurricane protection systems, try this "full-envelope" protection that will even keep a roof from flying off when a house pressurizes! Cape Fear Hurricane Fabric offers the best hurricane protection on the world. Period.

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