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8 Tips to Boost Health, Work Etiquette, & Productivity

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[Not So Close]
Make sure you sit a good distance away from your monitor. Sitting too close can irritate the eyes & cause the need for glasses.

[Keep Your Distance]

Be sure not to overstretch your arms while typing. You also don't want to be all scrunched up in a ball either, so keep your arms a comfortable length away from the keyboard. Also,rest your arms on the chair to keep from getting tired.


You want to keep your back straight while sitting at work, as uncomfortable that may sound to some of you. The best type of chair is one with arms and a backrest. Try your best not to slouch at work since that can cause pain and injury.


Make sure that your monitor is not your only source of light in the room. Try to keep your lighting matching the light of the monitor. The extreme contrast can cause damage to your eyes.

[Monitor Position]

While sitting up straight make sure your monitor is at eye-level. Too high or too low can cause neck pains if looking at the monitor for long periods of time.

[Don't Eat at Your Desk]

Not only do you risk ruining the equipment you are working with but you make your workspace messier. Getting up and taking lunch, or breaking for snacks, with give you time to relax away from your desk. Everyone should have a few periodic breaks in the workday.


Try to stay away from sugary foods and sodas during the workday. Sugar only gives you a temporary boost, which is followed by a low, making you tired the rest of the day

[Working Away from Distractions]

If you work from home, make sure your office or desk is away from noisy atmospheres.

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