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Hey Kiddo Games

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They're a small group of friends and family that have come together to work on a game inspired by Vodoun (Voodoo) and Yoruba culture - Ingonga. It's a story-driven, first-person survival horror game that takes place in one of the many bayous near the New Orleans area. The story follows our heroine Luna, who arrives there to investigate the cause of her mother's disappearance inside the La Croix mansion - a mansion based on the real-life horrors of the LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans. 

Our goal is to provide a memorable gaming experience while presenting Vodoun and Yourba in a light that many gamers have not seen - showing the positive and inspiring aspects of those cultures, and some of the unique stories and interesting myths they offer the world. 

We plan to have a demo available in the coming months, and hope to have your support when we launch a Kickstarter around the same time! 

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