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Boosted Posts VS. Facebook Ads: How To Use Them in 2024

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Having trouble achieving your social media goals? You're not alone. Ever-shifting algorithms bury organic reach, leaving even the best content gasping for air. Engagement rates? Forget about it – a measly 0.07% is considered impressive for organic (i.e. unpaid) social posts – yikes!

But wait, businesses are still succeed on social media…Their secret weapon? Paid advertising.

More often than not, they are using Facebook’s paid advertising options to distribute engaging content to their specific target audience. Between boosted posts and Facebook ads, there are a couple of techniques you can use to make the most of social media.

By using platforms like Facebook to target their ideal audience with engaging content, brands ar cutting through the noise and building connections that convert.

Ready to unlock the power of paid social? Stick with us. We'll explain all you need to know to leverage Facebook ads and boosted posts for REAL results in 2024.

Table of Contents:

Using Boosted Posts Effectively in 2024


When you post an update on your business social media page, that post will likely only pop up in the newsfeeds of people who are already following your page and engaging with your content.

So, if your goal is to gain more followers on Facebook, regular posts simply aren’t the answer.

This is where boosted posts come in!

A boosted post is a regular post that you modify to reach an expanded audience for a self-appointed amount of money. With this method, you can place your social media content in front of more people and attract more potential followers or customers.

When you boost a post on your Facebook business page, you will be given the opportunity to create a custom target audience, adjust the Call-To-Action associated with the post, set the duration of the boost, and define your budget.

Pro Tip: You can also boost posts on other social media platforms – like Instagram and LinkedIn. Even TikTok gives users a “Promote” post function.

Facebook Ads – including boosted posts – reach 72% of the platform's active users.



While boosted posts still look like ads to viewers, Facebook ads and boosted posts are two entirely different things.

There are 4 primary differences between boosted posts and Facebook ads:

  1. While you can create a boosted post anytime just by clicking the “Boost Post” button next to a post you’ve already published to your timeline, Facebook ads are exclusively created in Facebook (now Meta) Ads Manager.
  2. Facebook ads have significantly fewer limitations when it comes to defining your target audience.
  3. Facebook ads are generally more challenging to set up than boosted posts.
  4. Facebook ads tend to require larger budgets to be effective than boosted posts.

While both boosted posts and Facebook ads can expand your reach on social media, they each come with unique advantages and disadvantages. Which method you should use ultimately depends on your specific social media goals and budget.



A boosted post is a spectacular tool for your business if…

  • You’re seeking more followers – Although you may not IMMEDIATELY convert a viewer into a customer with a single boosted post, you'll likely attract more page followers.
  • Your goal is to build brand awareness – When you boost a post, you increase your chances of introducing your brand to potential customers who may not have been previously familiar with your brand.
  • You want to increase your website traffic – While Facebook Ads are more ideally suited to locate and target users who are ready to buy, boosted posts do a great job of building early interest and curiosity, inspiring more website clicks.
  • You are not particularly tech-savvy – Setting up a boosted Facebook post is much easier than creating a Facebook ad.
  • You want to maximize visibility of your best-performing posts – It works best if you choose and boost a post that has already gotten good organic reach and racked up some engagement with your existing followers.
  • You have a smaller marketing budget– It’s significantly cheaper to boost a post than to launch a Facebook ad campaign. Plus, if you boost a post you already know is performing well, you'll probably see a higher return on your investment.
  • You’ve just begun experimenting with social media and targeted ads – Boosted posts are a fantastic place to start if you are new to the social media scene.


Facebook's ad algorithm is smarter than ever, and it takes three main things into account:

1. Target Audience – To match up the most relevant ads with the users who are most likely to take action, Facebook offers super-specific targeting options (i.e. demographics, interests, and even buying behaviors). The more precise you are, the better chance your ad lands in the right hands.
2. Total Value Score – Facebook uses AI to assign you a value based on the past performance of your ads and the overall quality of your ad. A higher value you will increase your chances of appearing on your target customers' newsfeeds.
3. Ad Bid – While budget isn't the only factor, allocating more can push your ad to the top of the queue. But remember, smart targeting and quality content go a long way in making even smaller budgets shine!

With careful targeting, compelling visuals and copy, a rock-solid keyword strategy, and an appropriate budget, even social media newbies can achieve spectacular results through Facebook Ads.

The average Facebook user clicks 12 ads every month.



In some cases, a fully developed Facebook ad would be a better use of your ad spend than a simple boosted post.

A Facebook ad is more appropriate if…

  • You desire more advanced targeting options – The extensive custom targeting capabilities of Facebook Ads Manager make it easier for you to target people who are similar to your current customer base.
  • Your goal is to convert customers, make sales, or generate leads – With more effective targeting options, you'll have greater chances of getting your ad in front of people ready to take quick action.
  • You want more control over ad placement – In Meta Ads Manager, you can choose the specific location your ad will be shown – in newsfeeds, Instagram stories, Messenger, Facebook Marketplace, you name it!
  • You feel comfortable with Meta Ads Manager (or work with a marketing agency that with social media expertise).
  • You want more design options – In addition to placement and targeting, Meta Ads Manager gives you more of a choice as to the appearance of your ad, from custom CTA buttons to carousels and reels.
  • You can afford to spend a little more on advertising – When set up properly with an appropriate ad budget, Facebook ads can really get you the conversions and sales you’re looking for.
  • You already have a decent social media following – Facebook Ads work best for businesses that are already pretty well established on social media.


Still unsure which method will best help you meet your goals?

Don’t be afraid to experiment a little! Try a combination of boosted posts AND Facebook ads…along with regular presence-building social media posts.



Want a little more guidance? Consult with a trusted marketing agency that can more efficiently help you determine the best solution for your social media goals.

Ready to ditch the frustration and ignite your social media success? Contact BlueTone Media now! Our expert team will craft a winning strategy to propel your brand to new heights.

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