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You know that things have changed when your boss superpokes you on facebook. This is the moment when you pump your fist into the air and scream “technology-you’ve done it again!” In today’s world, it’s difficult to ignore social networks. Everywhere you go, people are talking about phenomenons such as Facebook, Myspace and Linkedin; and the workplace is no exception. Some employers are cracking down on these sites being used at work, seeing them as a distraction or an annoyance. Others are embracing them.


 A recent survey by AT&T 2,500 studied people across five countries in Europe and reports that 65% of respondents claimed that using social networks had made them or their colleagues more efficient; 46% said...



Enjoy these links full of tutorial, vector, and artsy goodness.

Tutorials:   Great photoshop effects and stuff   Wonderful vector tutorials.

Sites with tuts and other random cool art stuff

Design Collections

Free Stuff  
Sign up for a free account and then you can download one free stock image a day.
They pick it but sometimes it's a vector image, not always a photo.



So since my last post I have really dove into jquery head first and found a copious amount of new plugins to use from cookies to carousels and I thought I would share a few with you we really used on we are still tweaking the site but it is live in it's current form.

We started off by of course grabbing Google's version of jquery located here

Everyone should really be using it if you are using jquery and if you aren't just cave in and drink the koolaid you will be happier in the long run. Then Using regular old jquery animations we made it so when you click on the galleries nav item it expands out to show sub navigation items


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