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Last week brought a huge change to the nation, with our country's first African-American president and the first democrat elected this century.  President Obama's campaign focused on change and his first week in office supported what he stated.  I'm not sure if you noticed, but at noon on Inauguration Day got a brand new look, as well.   Let's take a look at the history of to see where we came from and where we are today...

Ooof.  This is rough.  Keep in mind that this is from around 1995, the earlier half of the Clinton Era.  Things could only get better...

...but not much better.  This is from the last of the Clinton Era, around...



This time of year is filled with lists. Best of this, best of that, wost of that other thing. Top tens, twenties, one hundreds. I have decided to jump on the bandwagon... sort of. I'm going to present to you five of my favorite sites that we completed in 2008. Over 70 sites went live with us in 2008 so these are just 5 of my favorite. I really liked a lot of the sites we worked on but you don't want to sit and read about my favorite 20 sites. It would take way to long. So you get 5.

Curb Appeal

This site really captures the business well. Light and clean with that nice little touch of fun.

East Coast Brickwork

They provided wonderful pictures and this design helps display their work beautifully....


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