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When it comes to the modern housing market...

Good timing and a proven track record of capable decision-making is essential, and Cape Fear Capital Investments LLC brings both of these to the table in spades. Founder Roger Gendron, currently maintaining a portfolio of 10,000+ units, personally brings thirty years of wisdom and experience in the multi-family marketplace to CFCI.

By making property transactions attractive to both buyers and sellers, Cape Fear CI makes the affordable housing market a lucrative, beneficial pursuit. Cape Fear CI boasts an impressive portfolio spanning multiple states throughout the eastern United States and plans to add an additional 300 - 1,000 units to this list by 2012. Check out their website here today!...



Using Rotating Images To Display Lenticular Holograms (Part Two)

In our last blog post we talked about making the interactive and awesome rotating lenticular images for Spirit Cups with no experience and a limited budget. Here’s how we did it! This guide discusses photographing lenticular images but the same technique can be applied to make any rotating image.

Our first thought was to place the cups on a record player, run it at a low speed, and take timed pictures of the action. Unfortunately, even at its lowest speed and with the use of a variable power supply to control the power/RPM of the turntable, it wobbled and moved too quickly for decent photographs to be taken. While on the right track, we needed something more stable...



Developer Tricks: Part One Using Rotating Images To Display Lenticular Holograms (Part One)

One of the most profound challenges in contemporary web design is the ability to catch and maintain people’s attention. Scripts, graphics and tricks which once made the general public do double-takes are now considered standard, even boring…thus only through constant innovation and creation can sites continue to hold the attention of an increasingly web-savvy world.

BlueTone Media recently had a chance to work with Spirit Cups, a company which creates easy, successful fundraising campaigns for various organizations through the sale of cups. These cups are printed with high-quality lenticular images, known colloquially as...


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