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Rimguard Xtreme Offers State-of-the-Art Services for Damaged Rims & Tires

Anything can go wrong on the road. We can turn a corner and scrape our bend your rim. A car accident can damage our tires. Any number of events can damage our tires and rims. When we're jammed up, with no option but to get new tires and rims, what if we had a safety net? Rimguard Xtreme will come to the rescue and fix even the most damaged rims!

By offering an awesome series of services that set them apart from the competition, and with help from BlueTone Media's web design team, customers can text a photo of their damaged rim to the corporate office or even a field technician's smartphone! From there, Rimguard can walk the customer through the...



The Sound Cat

Does your beloved feline friend have arthritis? An upper respiratory infection or gingivitis? Stomatitis or physical injuries? The Sound Cat Veterinary Hospital offers state-of-the-art diagnostics and surgery for felines, including brand new laser physical therapy, as well as stem cell therapy! Dr. Rosemarie Williams is the head veterinarian, with a family of cats herself. Along with being the best vet for your cat, she and enjoys flying planes and boating!

For those of us that are pet owners, we approach veterinary care in different ways, and have different needs. No matter if your cat has any number of internal medicine needs, or requires surgery, Sound Cat will do it better than anyone else, and in a compassionate and caring...


Big Sky Design's Website


Go From Trashy To Flashy With Some Beautiful Interior Design

Is your house so cluttered that you're afraid that your children are going to have you featured on A&E's Hoarders? Are you so embarrassed of your living areas that you feel like you can't have friends over? Don't panic! It's time for you to look for an interior designer. If you are in the Wilmington area, look no further than Big Sky Design Wilmington's number one interior designers. Big Sky Design is a full service licensed design company, offering complete design services. Whether you are residential or commercial, Big Sky Design can make any space seem bigger and brighter!
So the next time you are second guessing to have company over, give...


Web Design World


Fireworks vs Photoshop

When I was first introduced to web design with Adobe Fireworks, it felt like I was entering a whole different realm. I'd never used it before and already had a long-standing relationship with it's fellow Adobe programs Photoshop and Illustrator. Image resolution was king, the standard of 300dpi (dots-per-inch). Everything was created for print and needed to be anything but blurry. Even in my photography experience, the grain on the film is so fine, it's practically impossible to count the dpi. High-resolution ruled my life as a designer.

But designing for web, in Fireworks…this was a new concept for me. The dpi standard for web design was lower…72dpi, are you serious? You mean I can create designs at such a low...


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