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Greetings Citizens of Earth

Are you seeking to purchase or rent a home on a new planet? Earth too populated for you and your extraterrestrial family? What you need is Sunset Realty-- the hottest realty company in the universe. They can help you and your tentacled loved ones find the right spot on the right planet!

Sunset Realty's district range is as far as the light touches, moons and dwarf planets included! Seeking that hotspot for a permanent suntan but don't want a crowd of tourists? Mercury lacks the atmosphere that tends to draw the crowds so it has a wide range of available realty!

Maybe you want more of a winter-like getaway? Pluto has choice realty for such a desire! Don't let it's recent demotion throw you off rotation--...



You'll have to excuse the mess - proton packs tend to get a little slimy. 

And that is exactly why I need to learn how to spell better. My lack of spelling ability has plagued me my whole life, from college to Scrabble games to embarrassing emails at work. My most recent gaffe was, well, when I tried looking you guys up in the phone book. I was in the middle of researching a house for sale, and thought that your expertise would help me decide whether or not to buy it. How was I supposed to know that HomeSpectors and HomeSpectres were different organizations entirely?

Anyway, long story short, I ended up loading up this house with poltergeists. I'm talking crawling with them...bleeding walls, things that go "bump" in the night, evil...



Starheel Properties, Inc.-- Help You Need

Speaking of high psychiatrist bills, sometimes you feel the need to get away from those pesky offsprings/family-members/co-workers of yours, am I right? And even though you may have that feeling everyday, we both know you can't just get rid of them permanently because deep down inside, you're sort of attached. What I'm offering you is THE rental company of all companies-- Starheel Properties, Inc! This company can offer you the condo of your dreams to help you get away, though temporarily, from those little nightmares we often call children/mother-in-laws/neighbors/chores/you-get-the-point.

Want to get away for a little bit longer than a vacation, perhaps, but maybe deep down inside you know you...



HomeSC Facebook Contest, Powered by BTM

Do you like movies? iPads? What if you could win them? How?

Okay, enough questions thrown at you. Simply go here, like HomeSC and upload a photo showing you living life ahead. So simple.

Of course, some rules apply, but you can still play around and check out the Facebook app we got to make. Facebook does not make these things easy to make (as of yet), so if you ever have an idea for something that's a little beyond you, just let us know and we'll be here to help.

Good luck to you. With the sweet photo I uploaded, you're gonna need it. What? I'm not eligible? Oh well, I guess that puts the odds more in your favor.



Zombies Definitely Deserve a Hydrating Paraffin Facial

Ladies & Gentle Zombies alike! Now announcing the one and only beauty apothecary and full service salon still open for business since the zombie apocalypse: Beauty Lounge! When wiping the blood off your face from breakfast just won't do the trick anymore, treat yourself to a day at this luxurious (enough) lounge to brighten that dull, drab, dead look of yours. 

Our pure mud facials are sure to mostly clean any grubs living in the gaping wounds on that beautiful undead face. Hair matted with those pesky, constantly leaking brain fluids? Come visit our salon where our hair experts will ensure you receive a new do worthy of more than just a few "AWWRG'S!"...


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