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Yeah, my roommates were talking about getting me a CB so I could talk to other car beds.

Living on a game tester's salary was hard, so after getting kicked out of my house, due to being 6 months late on rent, I bounced from sleeping at my friend's parent's house, the office, and ultimately ended up staying with my grandma and her friends. At this point in time, I decided that it was time to purchase a home of my own.

I really liked this city in NC called Carolina Beach.I vacationed there a couple of times and really enjoyed the atmosphere. After looking around for a realtor, I found this company, "Coastal Choice Realty." They had a really sleek website and they specialized in beachfront real estate.

Their agents...




Interested in keeping your soccer skills sharp now that you are no longer on a school team? Or maybe you are interested in learning about the game for the first time? Well I have the perfect organization for you. Wilmington Women’s Soccer Association!

WWSA was founded in 2006 and has been offering women the chance to play in a competitive league here in Wilmington, NC ever since. The teams are made up of women over the age of 18 with any level of skill. The league is currently comprised of 6 teams, who play 7v7 games. They play all games on Thursday nights at New Hanover County’s, Veteran’s Park and Ashley High School fields.

Wilmington Women’s Soccer has 2 seasons that you can take part in, spring and fall. They...



"Now you will go to sleep, or I will put you to sleep." - Ben Stiller

Recently, my grandmother temporarily lost her home because of back taxes and I was forced to find her a nursing home. At first glance they seemed like a perfect fit. We were shown around by Ben (the manager) and he described all of the activities and services they offered. After the short walkthrough, I was reassured by Ben that he would personally take care of my grandmother and I felt completely comfortable. So after a short discussion with my grandma, we came to the conclusion that this place was the best fit for her until I could pay off her back taxesBen Stiller Happy Gilmore

Things started going south quickly. First, I noticed that my grandma was acting different, especially when...



I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I do it in a bouncy castle.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm tired of partying in my grandparents' basement! That shall become a thing of the past now, seeing as a new wonderful business has come around. No more shall I make fellow companions drink quietly on the fear of waking up the grandparents.

With the arrival of Shallotte Rent-all, all of my party needs are covered. From bounce castles to dance floors, tents to chairs, they rent everything. P Diddy will envy the parties I throw at my grandparents' from now on!most interesting man dos equis

So, when you want to throw parties at your grandparents' (or anywhere else), you should look no further than Shallotte Rent-All. Hey, maybe I'll consider moving out...



You just got Google'd.

That's right, folks. Say goodbye to your precious anonymity - if you've been roaming around the streets of downtown Wilmington lately, you've likely been Googlified in all the worst ways. The Google Maps Street View car has been out and about, capturing updated photographs of our fair city in order to provide accurate and updated views on Google Maps.

What does this mean for you? Not much, unless you've been walking around with your hands in your pants and/or picking your nose. Anyway, even if you were, you'll be in good company(Warning: Some content from the preceding  link may not be safe for work perusal. BlueTone Media is not responsible for what strangers do near and...


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