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Which One Is Right For Your Business?

Building a website for your business can be a great way to take your company to the next level. Unfortunately, most people don't know where to start and a rush in judgment can lead to a costly mistake. With the new tools available to us today, it's easier than ever to create a website and get your business online. But is a DIY website the right choice for your business? Will it look good, work properly, and present your business in a way that customers can relate? And most important, will your website be something you're proud of? Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of Template and Custom Websites.

Pros and Cons of Custom Built Websites:





I know, I know, email marketing is dead. But did you know the average ROI for email marketing is 122%? That's 4 times higher than any other digital marketing channel. Email marketing is also the only digital marketing channel that allows you to own your audience reach. Social media channels are constantly decreasing the number of views your posts receive, and likewise, search engines like Google are updating algorithms that can hurt your website's traffic. Email marketing is all about you, your audience and a few simple strategies to gain their attention.

Avoid The Spraying And Praying Method

Sharing the news about all the wonderful products and services you offer to the world...




You aren't consistently engaging with your audience.

It's kinda like the old saying, practice makes perfect. Posting something once or twice a month is not going to do much for your brand. Customers are looking for new and fresh content daily and they are rewarding companies that deliver. 

With social media, you have to think of it as an ongoing conversation that you're having with your audience. The more you post about things that are relevant to your business, the more likely your followers are to engage with your brand on social media. To keep your audience's attention, you need to post daily.  5-7 times a week may sound like too much, but it's what...



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