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Soon, Google is going to make the web a safer place. Well, not exactly, but they are going to let you know which sites are not secure.

On July 24th, 2018, the web giants are going to be marking sites without an SSL Certificate as "Not secure" with the release of Google Chrome 68. Here's an example of what that will look like:


Why the change?

SSL Certificates help protect you from cybercriminals. Hi-tech thieves look for unsecured websites that have vulnerabilities in their network. These criminals create advanced scripts designed to intercept and collect data as it is being transferred across the web.  An SSL Certificate encrypts the information that is being transmitted so...



Here at BlueTone Media, we love being a part of a small coastal town. We are surrounded by so many wonderful restaurants, coffee shops, and small businesses, that truly offer something unique to the community. At least once a week we leave the office for lunch and go on an adventure to see if we can find something new, and more often than not we do. This got me to think about the differences between how local businesses and national companies approach online advertising. Larger companies seem to have a grasp on the need for digital marketing whereas local businesses often ignore the benefits of reaching more of their core market. 


If you are not already using PPC marketing, start...


Responsive Web Design


A very common term in the field of web development is responsive web design. But what exactly does this mean?

Responsive web design, which is a concept created by Ethan Marcotte, means that a website responds automatically to the environment in which it displays. This usually refers to a website originally designed for viewing on a desktop computer adapting itself to work on a mobile device, where there is far less space than on a standard desktop monitor. But the site also needs to respond to very large screen sizes as well. It further must adapt to screen orientation on mobile devices as well.

Web developers can make their sites responsive through two different mechanisms: fluid grids and media queries.

Fluid Grids ...



As technology continues to evolve, the way consumers use technology evolves as well. Google is well known for staying ahead of the curb and changing along with it's user base. In order to keep up with the evolving digital landscape, Google updates it's search algorithms hundreds of times each year. Over the past few years, these changes have been heavily focused on user experience. Google wants to make your experience on their website as positive as possible, and this means they want to find the best answers to your questions as fast as possible. One of the ways Google does this is through personalization.

Personalization is exactly what it sounds like. It is basically personalizing the Google experience...


July 4th fireworks, Washington, D.C. (LOC)  2007; Highsmith, Carol M., photographer


Drone swarms may seem like more of a DARPA project gone wrong than anything you might experience in your day-to-day, but that could change. Giant companies like Walt Disney and Intel are already using mass quantities of drones in swarms as high-tech entertainment and display tools.

They obviously don’t have quite the same effect as the traditional firecracker (a steady whir of propellers vs the chaos of fireworks exploding in lightly orchestrated glory)... And they’re no less tricky logistically, but don’t be surprised if you see these popping up at more and more public events. Does anyone see this being a thing on the 4th?

Some Random Facts About Independence Day

  • The Declaration of Independence...


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