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So you’ve been handling your own marketing efforts for a while now and it’s been going… ok. Maybe you’ve gotten some social media engagement, just not as much as you wanted. Maybe you’ve gotten some website conversions, but not as many as you wanted. Maybe it hasn’t been that hard, but it’s not as easy as you wanted.

This is the time when many companies consider employing the help of a marketing agency. It’s important to recognize that this decision doesn’t come from failure but as an admission that you need help. Just as you’re an expert in your field of business, marketing agencies are experts at finding people and telling them about your business....


YouTube marketing


Marketing takes on many forms. You can market by having a great website, sending postcards in the mail, posting on social media, having someone spin a sign on a street corner; the list goes on and on.

In the last few years however, one marketing tool has been pulling way ahead of the others - way ahead.

youtube marketing


It’s YouTube

You’ve probably watched your fair share of funny cat videos or clips from your favorite TV shows, but did you know that YouTube is one of the most effective marketing platforms there is? It might even be the most effective marketing platform. ...



Using A Non-Responsive Design

I know, I know, it’s 2019 and there is no reason why any website should still be using a separate mobile app or worse, is still not mobile friendly. But at least once a week I come across a website that does not work on a cell phone. If you are still holding on to a mirrored mobile app or if your website is not responsive, it is time to rejoin the rest of society. This is something that was widely adopted in 2014, so just think about everything else you could be missing out on.

Dead End Navigation

Navigation is by far the single most important element in web design. A well thought out navigation system can help improve your site’s SEO and increase contact forms as well as sales....


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