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Welcome to our very first edition of the BlueTone Media Employee Spotlight! Every so often, we’ll be interviewing one of our employees so that you can learn a little more about who we are.

We’ll start this series off with Tara Gannon, our Accounts Development Executive.

The infamous popcorn disaster
The Infamous Popcorn Disaster

Tara grew up in Florham Park, New Jersey, not too terribly far from the bright lights of New York City. She moved to Wilmington, NC about 5 years ago and has been loving it ever since. Her favorite thing about living here is going to any of the fabulous North Carolina beaches and discovering new fun things to do in historic downtown Wilmington. 

Tara went to school at...



You know what marketing is and you know what a funnel is (at least we hope so), but do you know what “the marketing funnel” is?

No? Great!

Well.. wait. Actually, it’s not great because here’s the thing about a marketing funnel: 
It exists whether you understand it or not.

That’s right; the marketing funnel is real and it’s out there doing its job every single day. It doesn't matter if you know how it works or if you’re actively aware that you’re utilizing it. If you’re selling a product or service, the marketing funnel is a critical component of your business. So if you don’t know how to use it right, it’s time to learn.

What is the Marketing...



Regardless of whether you enjoy shopping or not, you’ve most likely done it at some point in your life. But, while many people still go out and hit the mall, more and more consumers are opting to conduct their shopping experience in a much more convenient place: the internet.

Nowadays, the vast majority of major retailers have online stores, as well as brick-and-mortar stores. Some retailers don’t have physical locations at all, instead existing solely on online revenue. 

As a small business, you may not be sure if setting up e-commerce is right for you. In most cases though, if you aren’t peddling your wares on the internet, you’re missing out. If you’re still not sure, allow...



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