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What is Social Media Marketing?


Pretty much every business’s number one goal is to get more/new customers...right?


In marketing, there are tons of ways to do that. For example, you can take advantage of some of the tried and true methods, like mailed postcards, billboards, and TV ads. Or you can try something a little newer, unique and more hip - like social media marketing!

What is Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the act of using existing social media platforms to reach new customers and communicate with existing ones. Generally speaking, the goal of social media marketing is to drive website and traffic and convert that traffic into more leads. It’s an interesting mix of content, display,...


How Content Fits Into Every Step of the Marketing Funnel


On the surface, the marketing funnel is a relatively simple concept. Companies market and people trickle down, filtering through the layers of the funnel until a portion of them become customers. It sounds easy, but it isn’t always.

You see, there are a lot of components that go into creating a marketing funnel that functions well. For example, advertising, web design, and SEO are all really important when it comes to getting people into that funnel. But do you know what’s more important?

Content Marketing

Content marketing.

Content marketing is different than all those other things. Sure, all those other things can get a potential customer’s attention, but there’s one thing content marketing...


Environmentally Conscious Marketing


Even though “green” companies (those that sell eco-friendly products or services) are becoming more popular, they’re still not exactly “mainstream.” Though the hope is that environmentally conscious purchasing will become more prevalent one day, it’s still a relatively niche market that depends on the patronage of a select few to survive. 

If you’re an eco-friendly company, you’ve probably already discovered that your marketing efforts must be as unique as you are. You’ve probably had to invent some new strategies and experiment with some old ones in order to see what works best. Right?

Well, if you’re still looking for some suggestions, consider checking out these eco-friendly...


Important Digital Trends for 2019


Back in 1969, the computers NASA used to send a man to the moon were the size of a car and could perform a few hundred thousand calculations per second. They were rare, expensive, and difficult for anyone but an expert to use.

Today, a smartphone can perform billions of calculations per second while weighing only a few ounces. There are over 4.5 billion of them, they’re cheap (comparatively speaking), and they’re intuitive enough for a toddler to use.

This history lesson’s point is that technology is constantly advancing and the number of users is increasing. As a business, it’s important to stay on top of these advancements so that you can reach potential customers in the newest, hippest ways possible. ...


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