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Solar Lead Generation: Digital Marketing for Solar Companies in 2022

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Too many solar installation and other alternative energy companies waste time and money trying to determine the best solar lead generation tactics.

From lead gen software to cut-and-dry cold calling, many of our clients say they’ve tried pretty much everything. Building strong leads should NOT be this difficult, especially when it comes to high quality, high demand products like solar panels!

However, capitalizing on the growing interest in renewable energy is easier said than done.

After years of trial and error and thorough campaign analysis, our team has discovered the best ways to optimize your marketing to generate the solar leads you need.

1. Take a good, long look at your website.

By now, you probably already realize how important it is for your company to have an excellent website. But is your website truly optimized to convert visitors into paying customers?

If designed well, your website should be your very best salesperson. Every element — text, visuals, layout, Call-to-Action buttons, etc. — should convince viewers you’re the very best solar installation company in your region.

When was the last time your website had a revamp?

Although 2015 may not seem like it was all that long ago, in web design, 7 years is plenty of time to make your website simply look outdated…not to mention the actual function (on desktop AND mobile). To keep up with web industry standards, we suggest a website update every 2 to 5 years!

In their very nature, renewable energy companies are thought to be innovative and forward-thinking. So, if your website communicates something entirely different, you’ll lose a lot of credibility with your potential customers.

2. Invest in a solid SEO strategy.

Thousands of consumers search the internet for solar-specific key phrases — like “solar tax credit 2022” and “solar installers near me.” The interest is absolutely there! The hard part? Leading those interested consumers directly to your website.

This is where SEO comes in!

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is building your website to rank high in the search results when customers are looking for your solar services online.

Unless your website pops up on the first page of Google, you’ll have a slim chance of driving meaningful traffic to your site. In fact, the average consumer won’t consider anything lower than the top 5 results for any search.

To get the customers you deserve, your best bet is to consult with a digital marketing agency with years of experience helping clients reach their search ranking goals.

3. Rethink your digital content.

To make a good impression online, your digital content needs to be spot-on. This includes everything from the text and visuals on your website to your social media posts and paid media advertisements.

First, let’s tackle the website. If your website is the first to pop up in search results but doesn’t include helpful information or engaging visuals, the viewer will most likely just move on to the next solar company on the list.

This means revisiting the design, images, and descriptions on the individual pages of your website — especially the home page.

With every piece of content you put on the internet, it’s essential to offer thorough education about the benefits of solar panels.

We’ve found that consumers are unaware of the excellent cost savings of solar panels. And believe it or not, people actually want to learn more of the science behind alternative energy solutions.

Explaining such hot topics on your website is a great way to increase your company’s credibility and maximize your chances of securing a sale.

Written blog content is traditionally one of the best ways to provide helpful information to potential customers (and it boosts SEO!). However, as more and more people go to social media platforms like YouTube with their home improvement needs, video is proving to be a powerful opportunity for solar installation companies.



4. Make sure you’re targeting the right audience.

To make the very most of your marketing efforts, every ad campaign and piece of content you create should be directed toward a specific, tangible target audience.

Although you may have a good sense of your target demographic, you probably don’t know how to make sure your materials actually reach the eyes of those most likely to purchase your solar panels.

Fortunately, you don’t have to! Marketing companies — like BlueTone Media — are chock-full of professionals who have precisely the targeting tools and expertise needed to reach your desired audience.

5. Give priority to online reputation.

As an increasing percentage of consumer purchases are being made in the digital realm, a solar company’s online reputation is becoming more important than ever.

You could offer FANTASTIC in-store customer service and the highest quality solar panels on the market. But if your online reviews, website, and social media pages don’t reflect that same quality, many potential customers won’t ever make it to your store.

In 2022, most consumers browse before they buy.

Before making a spending decision, they scrutinize your customer reviews on Google, inspect your website to make sure you’re the company they want to give their business, and maybe even check social media to see if anyone is talking about your company or services (whether in a good or bad way).

Proactive online reputation management requires you to invest time and money into a strong customer testimonial strategy, a solid social media management plan, and web content that strategically targets key terms that make your company look bad (i.e. words and phrases related to the high expense and weather dependence of solar panels).

6. Don’t forget about social media!

Renewable energy companies have a unique opportunity at their disposal in 2022.

Because topics like sustainability and renewable energy are so hot right now on social media platforms, a creative social media strategy can be a GREAT tool to engage and convert more customers.

Not only does social media allow you to connect with consumers who have a significant interest in solar energy, but you’ll be able to keep in contact with your former customers. By maintaining trusting relationships with happy customers, you increase your chances of receiving referrals — which frankly provide some of the strongest leads.

7. Work with a company that KNOWS your industry.

One of the very best things you can do to help your lead generation strategy is to partner with a marketing company that understands the challenges and unique marketing opportunities in the solar industry.

Not all marketing agencies are receptive to client feedback. And many don’t conduct the thorough industry research required to get the most out of every marketing effort.

In choosing a marketing agency, you should NEVER settle.

It’s important that your marketing team actually take the time to sit down with you, listen closely as you present your goals, and create an impactful plan to achieve those goals.

The good news — this perfectly describes the BlueTone Media team.

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