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Golf Marketing & Web Design Trends in 2024

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This blog was written by Adam Dorn – a BlueTone Media Senior Account Executive who holds close ties with many golf association Executive Directors and other leaders in the golf industry.

2024 Digital Trends in the Golf Industry - Adam Dorn


Over the last several years, more and more interest has sparked in the golf industry. In fact, since March 2020, the golf industry as a whole has grown exponentially!

Amid all the growth, we are seeing golf associations and golf courses working extra hard to keep their members and visitors engaged. To accomplish this, the most successful organizations have made an effort to simplify – and shorten – the user’s journey across their website.

How are they doing this?

They are making sure their home page includes big, front-and-center Calls-to-Action, seamlessly directing users to the most-visited areas across the site. They are using engaging messaging and design to encourage visitors to register for tournaments, browse upcoming events, and take other key actions.

We are also noticing a rise in efforts to distinguish junior golf associations from their parent organizations, separating them from the main website. Maintaining an engaged junior golf audience reasonably requires different messaging and techniques than those the same old methods that work for older, more experienced golfers – making it critical for golf associations to have a strong youth-focused web design strategy.

What can BlueTone uniquely offer golf organizations?

Golf association websites are not like most.

They store enormous amounts of data and score history that must be easy for golfers to access at any given time.

However, a website with hundreds of pages of scores and data makes for slow website load times and less-than-ideal search engine optimization (SEO).

We have worked closely with our partner associations to limit the number of pages this critical history and data takes up, incorporating tournament databases into some of our website builds and eliminating the need for individual pages for each tournament.

Of course, each golf association and course is different and has unique digital needs, so when building a golf website on our platform, we offer a variety of custom features that most web development firms won't provide.

Learn more about our golf web design capabilities.

Why is it so important for golf organizations to entrust their web design and marketing to an agency?

One recurring frustration most golf associations and courses face is the need to develop – and maintain – an engaging digital presence.

These days, golfers expect to have information at the tips of their fingers – whether they’re checking tee times or scores or registering for a tournament. The only way to capitalize on the industry’s growth since 2020 is to find creative ways to keep today’s golfers engaged both on and off the course. And optimizing online information for the end user is CRITICAL to achieve such engagement in 2024.

However, doing so is easier said than done.

Building a captivating online presence first requires an organization to have a thorough understanding of the behind-the-scenes code of their website – and how it is impacting the end user experience. Frankly, this expertise is often above the pay-grade of most golf association Executive Directors and golf course managers.

And maintaining engagement requires intimate knowledge of the most effective marketing techniques for your target audience – and how to execute them for the best results.

That’s where a marketing agency can take over!

Already equipped with the web design and marketing tools and experience you need to hit the ground running, we can ensure your digital efforts achieve the results you’re looking for.

No guessing. No time lost. And no wasted money.

NOTE: Make sure you work with a marketing agency that truly understands the golf industry. BlueTone Media not only has extensive experience in the golf marketing sphere, but our web developers are already familiar with critical golf platforms like GHIN and Golf Genius.

When is it the best time to tackle a golf website revamp?

Many golf associations and golf clubs prefer to manage big website updates between October and April – to make sure their new site is launched and ready to promote when temperatures rise back up in late spring and summer.

However, the nice thing about the BlueTone web design process is that your current website will still be live and available to customers or members while we are developing your new website.

There is no time lost! The old website will work until the new and improved site is ready to launch.

Therefore, you can honestly tackle a revamp of your golf-related website whenever you’d like!




The team here at BlueTone Media knows the golf industry intimately – at the golf association membership level AND the individual golf course level.

We have built strong relationships with a significant number of our golf associations across the United States. Some of our long-time golf clients include Andy Priest at Alabama Golf Association and Jack Nance at Carolina's Golf Association.

We’ve recently created a number of websites in the junior golf realm – including Junior World Golf, Tarheel Youth Golf Association, and Junior Golf Alabama.

And we are only growing our reach in the golf industry every day! A couple of our newest golf clients include Biff Lathropp with South Carolina Golf Association and Kurt Rohe with the Metropolitan Amateur Golf Association. Plus, we have a number of other fabulous golf website revamp projects in the works – from Mississippi Golf Association to New Hampshire Golf Association, and more!

Over time, we have become experts in everything related to golf web design, development, marketing, and phone applications.

No matter your golf marketing needs in 2024, we’ve got you covered!

Ready to get started? Contact me directly at or 910-795-2280 (ext. 526) to set up an initial consultation


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