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Marketing Trends For Success in 2023

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Every new year brings new opportunities for growth.

No matter how pleased you are with your 2022 marketing efforts and achievements, you’ll want to take a look at these 7 key marketing trends before establishing your 2023 marketing plan.

7 Top Marketing Trends For 2023


When it comes to developing effective ad campaigns in 2023, it’s never been more important for you to have a good grasp of your target audience.

As artificial intelligence algorithms on Google and social media platforms become more and more robust, the more custom targeting options you’ll have as you set up your advertisements.

Now, more than ever, you can create truly personalized – and effective – ad experiences that are more relevant to the interests and needs of your target audience.

Today, consumers are so overwhelmed with marketing messages that they simply have no choice but to scroll right past most of them. In order to achieve the sort of online engagement and conversions you need to make your ads worth the spend, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the many ad personalization options at your disposal.


While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not new, it continues to be one of the most critical marketing techniques for any business that wants to succeed in the increasingly competitive digital world.

If you aren’t already leveraging an SEO strategy, you’re absolutely behind the curve.

By 2023, it’s safe to assume all of your strongest competitors are already focusing a portion of their marketing efforts on ensuring their website is easily discoverable on the internet.

In fact, 88% of businesses WITH an SEO strategy in place plan to maintain – or even increase – their investment in SEO in 2023, according to HubSpot.


When platforms like Google and Facebook continually update their algorithms and artificial intelligence, the #1 factor they are taking into consideration is the end user experience, prioritizing content that will be most helpful to the people using their tools and platforms.

In a post-COVID world, most of us have seen a substantial increase in our use of digital media. However, living our lives on the internet comes with its drawbacks – particularly in the social realm. Marketers have been noticing for the last couple of years a healthy increase of users seeking more personal, community-building interactions on the internet.

For these reasons, every part of your 2023 marketing plan needs to centralize around THE MOST CRUCIAL GOAL of optimizing (and personalizing) your customer experience.

This pertains to everything from SEO and your Google-My-Business listing to social media and your website content, structure, and features.


It is no secret that video marketing is going to be critical for any business hoping to establish a strong online presence in 2023.

However, the sustained popularity of the social media app TikTok has proven that videos – specifically short, snack-sized videos – have the greatest potential to draw in consumers, especially those in younger generations.

With an already full day-to-day schedule managing your business, we realize how challenging it can be to prioritize video creation. But if you can find a way to incorporate video into your marketing plan, it is definitely worth the effort!


The amount of digital content on the internet is increasing. Attention spans are decreasing. And people naturally have less and less time to read long paragraphs of content – or even watch long-form videos.

Businesses that tailor their marketing to consumers’ growing desire for shorter, more digestible content can expect more engagement in 2023. Take a look at your website and social media content through this lens.

Does your website content include too many thick walls of text? Try to identify ways to get your point across with fewer words.

Haven’t yet jumped on the short-form video bandwagon? Now is the time to give it a try!


Artificial intelligence is becoming one of the most significant driving factors in the digital marketing landscape – from search engines to social media platforms.

Google’s algorithms determine how high your website appears in search results. Artificial intelligence and algorithms through Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok decide whether your content pops up on users' feeds.

These algorithms are complex and ever-changing, yes. But if you don’t take the time to understand the most recent algorithm updates, your marketing efforts aren’t going to be able to keep up.


The way your employees represent your company matters on every level – from in-person customer service to their social media presence.

If a customer has a bad experience with one of your employees, they will most likely just abandon your brand altogether. With a quick Google search, they can easily find another local or digital business that offers your very same services or products.

This same sort of idea translates to social media, as well.

In certain markets – primarily B2B – the way your employees interact with others on social media can have a remarkable impact on your customer retention and sales efforts.

If you can get your team talking and sharing content on your business’ behalf on social media platforms like LinkedIn, you’ll reach potential customers in a more authentic (and trustworthy) way, encouraging more meaningful connections and increasing your likelihood of conversion.


Want to optimize your 2023 marketing strategy? Go no further!

Whether you want to redesign your website, invest more into SEO, fine-tune your advertising techniques, or create more engaging and user-friendly content, the BlueTone Media team is here to help.

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