Your #1 Home Team

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Another awesome single page site from BlueTone Media! This unique website displays an easy to use contact form as well as a list of their brokers, with photos. Tired of everything taking forever with real estate companies? This real estate group has made it their goal to make sure your real estate transactions go smoothly, efficiently, and quickly! Your #1 Home Team will also help you decide on what...

Seaside Pediatrics

  BlueTone Media

This site is a little different from the others, but a very fun looking single page site. Seaside Pediatrics, located locally, showcases a sand and beach look with some awesome cartooney looking images. They provide child and infant health care in a small office setting allowing them for a more personalized touch to their work. They also hold monthly parent meetings to allow you keep your child in...

A To Z Rentals

  BlueTone Media

Okay this is for the Do-It-Yourselfer’s. A to Z Rentals is a locally owned and operated contractor and homeowner equipment rental business. They have everything from the small equipment to entire tractors and bobcats. They have some pretty heavy duty stuff over there. Back on track, their site features an elegant and robust look with that construction color tone, you know, yellow machinery and steel...

Wilmington Antique Shops

  BlueTone Media

Okay folks, here's yet another site for you to digest. The North Carolina Wilmington Antique Shops site is a vast collection of antique shops within the Wilmington area, (go figure) providing shop location, their merchandise, hours, and so on. The site also provides a map of all the shops within the area. We have obviously given this one page site an antique feel with that web compliant look you...

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