Smileys Painting

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Okay, so we've got another site to show off. This time Smiley's Painting was the victim in our crusade for unique website designs and did we manage to do just that. If only I could find a cache of their old site (but I think Google/Archive was just as eager to get rid of their archaic and primitive site) I'd post a picture of how much of an improvement this company's virtual salesperson has undertaken....

Arabian Nights Hookah Cafe

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You know what's played out in downtown Wilmington? Bars. There's one an empty beer can throw away from another one. Downtown also has it's share of coffee shops. How's about a new type of café? How about one where the smoke that's floating in the air won't kill me and actually smells pretty good? Much like a genie from a bottle emerges Arabian Nights Hookah Café, an authentic take on a classic activity...


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Flat Fee Multiple Listing Access (FFMLA) allows you to save money when selling your property by not paying out commission. Use your savings to make your asking price more attractive or find some new ways to get creative and sell your property faster. helps make the selling process much easier and less expensive.


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TylersCove at Mallory Creek is open for business, and so is their site. BlueTone has created a soft and flowing welcoming page with plenty of information and graphics. Java implementation brings this innovative emanating site together in an organized modern fashion.

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