Not Another Best of 2008 List

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This time of year is filled with lists. Best of this, best of that, wost of that other thing. Top tens, twenties, one hundreds. I have decided to jump on the bandwagon... sort of. I'm going to present to you five of my favorite sites that we completed in 2008. Over 70 sites went live with us in 2008 so these are just 5 of my favorite. I really liked a lot of the sites we worked on but you don't want...


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Inspiration comes from all over the place. My beautiful wife inspires me daily to do the dishes and the laundry (although she more often inspires me to lounge on the couch with her and let the messes pile up). A lot of our clients are very inspiring with fresh ideas and innovative ways to run their business. But with design, sometimes the inspiration doesn't come so easily. Lucky for me, I'm...

I've Seen the Light

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...and it looks glorious! Google Reader has simplified the way I check my favorite sites. It's a handy little RSS sorter that really helps you rifle through all of your sites and be more efficient on the web. Just being able to go to one area to see everything is fantastic. You can simply click what you want to see - all of your subscriptions, just ones from a particular site, just those that have...

JQuery my new Girlfriend Part2

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So since my last post I have really dove into jquery head first and found a copious amount of new plugins to use from cookies to carousels and I thought I would share a few with you we really used on we are still tweaking the site but it is live in it's current form. We started off by of course grabbing Google's version of jquery located here

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