I've Seen the Light

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...and it looks glorious! Google Reader has simplified the way I check my favorite sites. It's a handy little RSS sorter that really helps you rifle through all of your sites and be more efficient on the web. Just being able to go to one area to see everything is fantastic. You can simply click what you want to see - all of your subscriptions, just ones from a particular site, just those that have...

JQuery my new Girlfriend Part2

  BlueTone Media

So since my last post I have really dove into jquery head first and found a copious amount of new plugins to use from cookies to carousels and I thought I would share a few with you we really used on MattMcgrawPhotography.com we are still tweaking the site but it is live in it's current form. We started off by of course grabbing Google's version of jquery located here http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.2.6/jquery.min.js...

Tilt-Shift in Photoshop

  BlueTone Media

Today I thought I would further describe another aspect of our new site design. Some of the pictures on the home page look like they are pictures of a miniature downtown and battleship. I can hear the Mr. Rogers music now. From our office windows up on the 9th floor here in downtown Wilmington I can take some great overhead shots of downtown and the Battleship. I came across some tilt-shift images...

Learning some new skills

  BlueTone Media

I learned to draw in the computer using a wonderful program called Freehand. Sadly when Adobe bought Macromedia they shoved Freehand off the boat with cement shoes, never to be heard from again. Since then I have been forced to learn Illustrator and have for the most part made the transition pretty easily. There are still some things Freehand did WAY better that I hope will be integrated when we see...

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