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BlueTone Introduces New-and-Improved Admin Functionality

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Is your website housed on BlueTone Media’s custom-built website framework? 

If so, odds are that you’ve accessed your website “admin area” at some point in the life of your website to do things like add blog posts, swap out photographs, or update information on a web page.

Continually striving to improve our clients’ experience, the BlueTone Media team is about to launch an updated version of our admin, built to increase functionality and user-friendliness.

What is a website admin area?

A website admin is the “back end” of a website – where website owners, managers, and developers can do things like… 

  • Access and edit the code and design of your website

  • Create new pages on your website

  • Add and modify web page text and visuals

  • Post and schedule company blogs

  • Collect data gathered by forms on your website

  • Create and automate newsletters

  • And more!

Unlike the front end of your website (i.e. your Home page, About page, Contact page, and other pages on your website), the admin is not viewable to customers or website visitors.

To navigate to your BlueTone admin area, just add “/admin” to the end of your website URL, drop it in the search bar, and hit enter. You will be prompted to log in. Only users designated as website administrators on the back end of your website can sign in and access the admin area.

What has changed about the BlueTone admin?

“We wanted to create something a little sleeker and easier to use,” said Brad Graham, BlueTone CFO. “With this new version of our Content Management System, you don't have to remember which tab things are under. Although, they are still grouped, if you prefer that. You can instead search for or favorite specific elements you use frequently, giving you the power to customize the admin to your liking.”

New BlueTone Media Admin Screenshot 1

If you were familiar with the BlueTone admin area prior to the update, you will notice several key changes to the admin appearance and functionality:

  1. Slimmer header strip – We simplified our admin header to free up valuable real estate while editing your site.

  2. Easy-to-use sidebar menu – Our old top-of-page menu has been replaced with a nifty sidebar menu organized intuitively with additional drop-down options.

  3. Handy search function – At the top of the new sidebar menu is a search bar, where you can look for particular admin elements (like “Site Content,” “Item Gallery,” or “Blog”) instead of trying to locate them elsewhere in the menu.

  4. Ability to “favorite” most-used elements – You can now customize your personal admin space by marking certain elements as favorites.

Have questions about the new BlueTone admin area? Contact our dedicated support team!

New BlueTone Media Admin Screenshot 2

Why all the changes?

At BlueTone Media, we are always looking for ways to improve our customer experience and simplify the website management process for our clients.

This update is merely another example of our efforts to provide unmatched customer service. 

As digital trends continue developing in the years to come, you can expect more changes designed to make it even easier to modify and make additions to your company website. 

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