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Dream to Delight: Our (Stress-Free) Custom Web Design Process

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Imagine scrolling through your website, its design seamlessly mirroring your brand, each click leading visitors deeper into your story. At BlueTone Media, that's not just a vision, it's our everyday reality.

Your website isn't just pixels on a screen. It's the digital handshake you extend to the world. We believe in crafting memorable experiences, tailor-made to your unique voice. 

How do we accomplish this?

Although our process can change and adapt for each client’s specific needs, our web design process generally follows the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Meet & greet

First things first, let's break the ice! Whether you're sipping coffee in our cozy Wilmington, NC office or connecting virtually, this time is all about getting to know you (and your amazing ideas).

This initial kick-off meeting serves multiple purposes.

First of all, now’s your chance to meet your dedicated Project Manager (and our chance to meet our primary point of contact from your organization). By putting a face to a name from the very beginning, this face-to-face meeting launches our working relationship the right way. 

After introductions, it’s time to get down to business! We’ll explain what you can expect from our crew at each point in the web design process and work with you to establish realistic deadlines for various components of your new website.

At this time, we’ll ask you questions to get a better idea of your goals and vision. So, come prepared with some example websites you’d like us to use for inspiration. We will also let you know what items we’ll need from you in order to create the website of your dreams – i.e. logos, images, videos, branding guidelines, you get the gist!

If you’re simply giving your outdated website a face lift, we’ll make sure we understand what you like (and don’t) about your old site and talk about the process of transferring the valuable information and data from the old site to your new one.

The more information you give us from the get-go, the better!

Our website and app designs will catapult you toward your business goals.

Step 2: We’ll take your ideas & run!

Once we’re on the same page about your design preferences and needs, we’ll craft our initial mock-up for your new website. The first web page we design is always the Home page, which will serve as a bouncing off point for every other page on your website. Once your Homepage is designed to your liking, every other page of the site should be a breeze!

Step 3: Your turn to review

In case we don’t get everything 100% right the first go-around, we’ll give you one round of edits to tell us anything and everything you want us to change. This is your time to get into the nitty gritty details.  

No detail is too big or too small! 

Want us to change the font type or size? No problem! Reconsidering the flow of a web page? We can adapt it. Rethinking a photo choice? We’ll swap it out – easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Web Design Customer Journey Infographic

Step 4: The final result

Once you’ve reviewed and approved our design plan, we will build it out for you on our custom framework.* Then, voila! You have a masterpiece at your fingertips, ready to captivate the world. 

But the journey doesn't end there!

We’ll introduce you to your Account Manager, who will be there to help you with any further needs – say, if you wanted to start running Pay-Per-Click ads to your spiffy new website, add a company blog, or invest in an ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. 

We’ll equip you with all the tools you need to maintain your website moving forward and connect you with our Support team who will be at the ready to help you make future changes to your website. 

*NOTE: If you prefer to keep your website on a different platform, we can accommodate! Our developers have extensive experience with GoDaddy, Shopify, Wix, Wordpress, and SquareSpace.

Quote from BlueTone Project Manager, Maria Woodcock about our smooth web design process.


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